Cider Riot!

Gluten Free - Sulfite Free - Vegan - Raw - Low Carbohydrate

Cider Riot! is dedicated to producing high quality ciders from Cascadian grown apples. With tradition as our guide and our roots firmly planted in the rich soils of our bioregion, our urban cidery produces refreshing, flavorful ciders.

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Lemmy's Summer Camp = Earn Merit Badges

How it works:

Send us your photos

(Along with your mailing address - if you can not come into the Pub during business hours to pick them up.).

We will review your photos and post some of the best on our social media accounts: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook. If we determine your photos have earned a merit badge we will mail you, or set aside the corresponding merit badge for you to pick up at our Pub. If you earn them all we’ll throw in a Cider Riot! Wild and Free embroidered patch as well.

Bonus Points for submitting your entries by mail: send to Lemmy! c/o Cider Riot!, 807 NE Couch, Portland, Oregon 97213, Cascadia, North America.

Contest Rules - All participants must be of legal drinking age in their state or province. All subjects in the photos must consent to the use of their images by Cider Riot LLC for promotional purposes. Please do not submit photos which violate Social Media terms of use. All merit badges will be awarded on basis of merit. Cider Riot LLC assumes no liability for photos or activities, nor does it advocate contravening laws or safety regulations.

The Merit Badges:

Axe Throwing

- ‘cause you’re a lumberjack and you’re O.K. pool and darts are fine for the pub, here in the Great Northwest we like our sports a little more intense. Tried keg bowling? Archery?

The Riot Grrl

- Whether it’s a garage band, or a cut and paste fanzine the riot grrl merit badge honors DIY culture and the creativity.

Skinny Dipping

- All you need is you, some friends and a body of water. Here in Cascadia we are blessed with the ocean, lakes, and rivers providing a perfect opportunity to get wild and free in the water.


- The old Corkonian term for drinking in parks. Keep in mind some parks require picnic permits to consume alcohol in.


- Brewery space programs are all the rage, ours is a little more basic. Have fun, just don’t burn down the woods


- Practice the nautical arts, on the rivers of your local watershed. Remember a PFD and your sunscreen.

Have a fun summer: Enjoy yourself beyond bounds!

Please enjoy responsibly, know the laws, pack out your trash, and earn your merit badges safely.

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